I Hate Running

I know that I hate running. Not the same hate as “kids hate vegetables” because unlike them, I’ve actually tried it.  I was young and fit and in college in a running for fitness class and almost failed it. So I can tell you from experience! I hate running.

So why is it that, 25 years later,  I am looking forward to running? Why am I signed-up for a Half Marathon (www.suffolkmarathon.com) at 45?

Why? I will tell you why… PERSISTENCE !

A year ago, I re-joined Weight Watchers. I was again uncomfortable in my skin. Don’t get me wrong, I was never skinny, #NeverWillBe, but 2 kids and daily fast foods later, I took up residence in Two-Terville. And boy, I still remember the day I re-joined … I went and ate my last supper at a nearby bistro.

I look back and smile sometimes because if you had told me that fast forward a year later, I would be running, my most definite reply would have been “If you see me running, you should probably run too, because it’s for my life.”

But I walked. And almost daily, I walked. Not for speed or exercise but for steps. Because, surprise, surprise, I also hated exercising.  So, I researched that I needed to do at least 10,000 steps a day and that became my goal. It wasn’t exercise, it was stepping. And I was willing to play whatever mind games needed to get me stepping.

I wish that I could say that I met my goal daily but I didn’t, however, I learned a lot in trying to reach this daily goal, especially that my lifestyle alone was not providing 10,000 steps. I was …gasp…sedentary.

But I had returned to Weight Watchers with a new way of thinking. And it was that “I want to be comfortable.” I wanted to eat comfortably and be active comfortably. So I set out to staying within my allotted eating points (chocolate and ice cream included) and walking…more. Whatever that more was.

Soon, I surrounded myself with a social media group that was all about mind full eating, non-scale victories and staying active. (Weight Watcher APP – Connect).  At first I was afraid of being a doctor on Weight Watchers? You know…”Physician, heal thyself,” but I got over that … and fast because it was keeping me isolated, eating and uncomfortable.

Now, I’m running short distances. Not because I love it. Remember, I hate running. But because I’m comfortable. Because persistence over the past year has reset my comfort zone. Because my body can now comfortably run a mile after walking a lot over the span of one year.

So, I still hate running . But I will comfortably push myself to run 13 more miles, at once, in 6 months.

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3 thoughts on “I Hate Running”

  1. Yea!!!!! Good for ya!! (I’ve been struggling with the same thing. I like how you mention the “mind games”. That is huge!!)


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