Be Relentless


Has autism affected you? Here is the main thing to do when you haven’t got a clue? Be Relentless.

As a mom and autism mom, I know how frustrating it is that they don’t come with manuals. I was especially blind-sided by my son’s diagnosis. Autism? You mean like special needs? Like he will be looked at funny? Let me tell you. It hurt. It did. And I abnormally grieved for years.

But as with most traumas in my life, I recovered. As you will and have.

Despite recovery however, I still dreadfully fear one thing and that is … Am I enough of a warrior? Am I fighting hard enough on his behalf? Am I too overwhelmed or too lax about it it all?  Am I letting everyone else chart his path? Is there more that I should be doing?

Curiously, the answer to all those questions is yes.

Yes. Because this is such a journey. I know that his diagnosis is a great gift, after all, who reads fluently by age 3? My son! Yet, I wish this gift came with a receipt.

Each day we will answer those questions differently. Some days victoriosly while other times with tears in our eyes.

But the one thing that we do when we do not know what to do is to be relentless!

Relentless in educating ourselves on our new journey with autism.

Relentless in advocating without obstructing.

Relentless in staying active in our community when all we want to do sometimes is to hide, cry and eat cake.

But most of all relentless in pushing our loved one to his or her fullest potential.

So don’t wait for signs of success. Make the biggest assumption of all and believe that they can!

Then relentlessly stay on top of that belief and you will amaze yourself at the multiplicity of the baby step you took. 

In turn, your little one might just amaze you.


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