Should I Take A Laxative?

You know that you’ve asked yourself that question before. I know that I’ve been asked that by many. I’ve written prescriptions to assist the poo and prescriptions to suppress the poo. But when does this question become a problem?

As a weight watcher, a pound of poo can mean the difference between a new bling and a bravo. That weekly weigh in can become a source of stress to many and the use of laxative for weight loss is, at times, entertained.

Or maybe you have the opposite problem and you just want to explore the world beyond the bowl.

Whichever team you are on, just remember, poo is toxic. It is waste matter. And if it wants to go, let it be free. 

But if you decide to assist in its freedom, just remember, it will steal your electrolytes and can make you ill. So, stay hydrated and consider having an electrolyte drink.

And if you go too little, walk more and increase your dietary intake of fiber and water.

Have more questions, just ask Dr. Ann. 

Author: Adventures in Medicine, Autism and So Much More

Internist | Motivational Speaker | Blogger | Light-Heartedly Addressing Heavy Topics | My Ideas | Lively Family #autismmom #Harvardwriters #SoMeDocs

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