September Fears

Technically, it’s 2 months away but my brain screams … It’s ONLY 2 months away! 

Yes, K is on the horizon and pre-K, a distant stressor. 

Now, this is not just kindergarten. We are talking Special Ed Kindergarten. We are talking adjustment disorder, melt downs, routine changes, constant sea lion noises, loss of familiar faces, places and not knowing where to find the gold fish snacks! 

Do you know how long it took to learn “pull up your pants?” Let’s just say we are still working on it. It’s less than 6 months since being potty trained and his verbal stims are at at all time high so I have a few reason to fear September. 

But fears are meant to be conquered. My fears are meant to be preplanned to death. And I’m game. How?

At a recent Sp. Ed PTA meeting, I learned that I could take my fears to the playground: the “new school” playground. That’s right. No typo. Show up, walk the outer premesis. Swing on the swings. Like a boss!

So off we went! And with 2 months to go, we regularly take to the road, in my CRV, where you can over hear me saying “Noly, we are going to see your new school. You will have a new teacher. You will love it!” Because I brain wash my kids like that! 

I’m a strong believer in the power of positive persuasion. Combine that with the positive reinforcement of a playground and I predict that we will have a winner !

Got September fears. Give this a try. 

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