Perils of PMM

You are carb loading for a marathon. Well, it’s almost the same thing. After all, PMS last for days! That is why I’ve renamed it PMM for Pre-Mentrual Marathon. That lasting feeling of being overwhelmed for no good reason.

It is perplexing to live it. Being caught between the decision of making coffee and making tea makes you just want to curl up and cry. Why so many decisions?! Then a bright idea hits you. Forget liquids! Chocolate will fix this.

But a new dilema awaits. You are now betwixt your new low freestyle Weight Watcher smartpoints (assigning 15 of your precious 23 daily points to 1 bar of chocolate) and all the studies that says go for it because carbs make seratonin and seratonin will make you feel better.

Decisions! So again, you want to curl up and cry. All the while, you are at work.

The perils of your PMM indecisions can be daunting. It leaves you with feelings of emptiness, being unpar with others, base, devoid of energy. Over small stuff, like that hot cup of … I don’t know… is still not made. Cue the tears.

Which then worries you because you know that you are capable of so much more.

Know the feeling? It’s cyclic. It’s biological. And in no way reflective of your overall capabilities.

So, I recommend planning for it. Knowing that it is coming. And making preparations. So if chocolate gets you through it, do it. Maybe it’s that frappe latte mochachina thing or warm clothes. Just know that it is your prep and not your perpetual. Then make 1 decision, or get up and walk for 15 minutes, or spend 10 minute in the bathroom collecting yourself or completing 1 task before thinking of the next.

Because it is amazing what can be acomplished with incremental steps and carbs. Maybe even a marathon!

Leave a comment. I would love to hear how you prep.