Heels, Healing And Health

Fashionista! I’ve rarely been accused. Surely I try but this autism mom is forced into comfort. You know, flats. Hey, you try running after yours in heels. And flats … well… they are flat. And not at all fabulous. Regardless, I needed to be “Fly” a few weeks back, so I donned a pair of heels and slew! You know, slow motion walking, music playing in the back ground, preferable the song “Who’s that girl?”

My heels were awesome. Natural. Patent leather. The very English Princess didn’t rock hers as hard. And then, ouch! My Achilles disagreed! This got the doctor in me thinking… bones, ligaments and tendons.

Heel anatomy

Have you ever seen an anatomical drawing of the heel? It’s quite complex and so I’ve enclosed one for your viewing. With over a 100 ligaments, tendons and muscles, 26 bones and 33 joints, it’s a wonder that we are not all feet. But that one ligament attaching my soleus to my calcaneus was the only one I needed to pull. And ouch.

What’s a new found fashionista to do? Stop wearing heals? Yea, No. That is far too wise an option and oh so flat-tening. So let’s see. What else? What is Achilles tendonitis and how can I get around having to wear flats?

Technically, this tendinitis is due to over use or stress on the anatomy, so rest, ice and non-steroidal medications like Ibuprophen are heals for the heel. Then again, I could become aggressive and inject the area with actual steroids or plasma enriched with platelet cells or call my local surgeon for a nip and tuck . But who am I kidding. I’m not really a Fashonista. I can wear sneakers.

The sneakers looked lovely on me. Paired with active wear and a headband, I swung the pendulum to Marathonista. And again, I slew. Who needed to know that I averaged 3,000 steps for the day. It’s for the look! And the healing!

But today, oh today. Today, called for heels. I looked at them. Longingly. So pretty.

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Credits to the following website for content and anatomy image. http://www.healthcommunities.com/foot-anatomy/muscles-tendons-ligaments.shtml

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