Focus Found

Sprinkling amphetamine salts onto strawberry syrup so that my 6 year old son can tolerate his own existance. This has been my life for the past week. Autism with ADHD is rough. On him. So, I finally agreed to medication.

And oh my gosh! What a difference! Never saw that coming. He’s calm. Not still life calm but will actually sit down… voluntarily. And has stopped hand flapping (until meds wear off that is).

His teachers have started writing glowing words of praises regarding his new found focus and Grandma looks on in wonder.

I want to feel guilty for not starting it sooner but I remind myself that behavior training is still the primary mode of treatment and that he’s only 6.

Please pray for us. It makes him lose his appetite and athough I found it … I spent it on myself. Wink 😉

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