The Crazies Of Chronic Pain

Unrelenting mild pain. You know, the 1 and 2’s. The “You can live with it” pain. What is it like to live in the low digits? Lets explore.

8! Now that hurts. Your doc comes over and says … “On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is your pain?” And you said 8! Right away, you are pittied and given a pain pill.

How about this one. Ever tried studying with the television on maximum loud? You just cannot concentrate. It hurts your brain. Soon your headache turns cute babies and purring kitten into little monsters. So, you turned off the TV and took a tylenol. Well, that is akin to acute severe pain. Quick fixes are the option du jour.

Now back to our definition of chronic mild pain. Your reply to your doc was … “It’s a 1 maybe a 2 sometimes” and her response was “Ok. Step on the scale for me please.” She has moved on because you can live with it.

Our TV analogy is back in play. It is on! But only static plays on low volume. This is affectionately referred to as white noise. It may put a baby to sleep (well not anymore. Plus recent studies states that it causes deafness) but just leave that static playing 24 hours, 7 days a week, everywhere you go. We’re talking to the supermarket, while on phone calls, at work, while troubleshooting other people’s issues, when the kids just want a hug and after the baby spilled milky cereal on the cloth couch. All this while, the background soundtract to your life is zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It didn’t stop you from going about your day nor did it stop you from taking care of business. It just added an unseen layer of burden and you found it harder to laugh out loud at little things though inwardly you thought … “that’s lol”.

In clinical studies, persistent white noise turned rats crazy! This is the same effect of chronic mild pain. It’s may be enough to gain you pitty but pain pills are pointless. Frivolous fun is sucked out of everything and one day you find yourself biting someone on the head.

Well, there you have it. I’ve just described you. Existing. Making the best of things. Wondering if this is it …. my life.

First thing … don’t let worry get the best of you. Smoldering stress and anxiety are notorious, primary causes of tension and chronic mild body pains. Finding a new job may be just the answer. A daily 1 mile walk can be just the ticket. Dietary changes to clean eating have changed lives. And prescription pill can pull you from the grips of despair until other factor turn around.

So, if you paused, only to find your face and os in the attack pose or you frequently hear the phrase …. sheesh, dont bite my head off, you maybe suffering from chronic mild pain.

Go to your happy place. Knees to the floor is a personal favorite.


Author: Adventures in Medicine, Autism and So Much More

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