Fresh Air

Winter. It’s no wonder that the windows are closed. It’s cold. Mother nature is nurturing nothing. The fan, high in the ceiling, motionless, still works. Dusty but capable. But, in the winter, no one is inspired to give it spin.

Too lethargic. Too blah. Too Achy. Too … you know … could care less. Was it something in the air?  I knew what to do. I’ve given counsel to others on just this topic. But there I was …  a lump.

“In the shower you go” said my inner voice. “No. No. Drink some coffee first.” “Wait …. maybe I should just sleep a little longer.” Most days, I run my life like a boss! But that day was not today. Thoughts were all I could muster. And it was exhausting.

One hour past. Two hours. Three … and with the approaching of night, guilt began setting in. “I should feed the kids. Wait, they have a father. He should feed the kids” were rationales running rampant in my thoughts. One sentence, however, kept drawing the attention of others.  It was  “No, you can’t come in.”

Why should I let them in? It’s dark in here. It’s still in here. The air is still in here. And slowly, realization dawned on me … I don’t belong in here either!

Seasonal Depressive Disorder is just that, Seasonal. It really should be called February Depressive Disorder in my house. Low energy, carb cravings, hypersomnia, hibernation are the hallmarks of the month.

Studies have suggested so many option including ingesting more vitamin D, talking with a trained counsellor, taking Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibiting medications but looking around the room, there was one quick fix readily available. It was simple. It was free. And it was delegable.

The Window! It should be undressed. Unobstructed. And unencumbered. Air should pass freely and daily. The fan … well it should be barely moving, after all, it is winter, but it should still be moving. Clear the air in your space and make the best of it.

So …”Come in, Natalie. I hope you’ve eaten. And can you open the blinds for me please.”

Light is todays therapy and nothing beats fresh air!







Author: Adventures in Medicine, Autism and So Much More

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One thought on “Fresh Air”

  1. I appreciate your candid posts! Such relevant topics -thank you.
    Cynthia (fellow autism mom-our boys go to the same school). We met at a SEPTA meeting.

    Liked by 1 person

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