Looking Back A Year: Our 4th Grade Poetry Tea

Written March 7th, 2017

Natalie, You are my Girl!
The way you look at me with admiration, imitation and sometimes
hesitation, just makes my head swirl.

You’ve got such initiative. Such inner drive, curiosity and energy that I’m determine to develop it and make it thrive, despite the times I wish that you had an off

I love that dinner time intrigues you and that your quest to host the perfect party drew
a waiting audience, hungry at the venue. For you serve up a mean dessert menu.

Our dinner conversation questioned hills of the day. Some high point we like to discuss. And now you know that I loved my frappe’ and daddy his Tiger Lilies day.

But this I must say, Social studies test, really, I’m impressed.

As for Dance, we took a chance though piano was first my choice.
And watch you sashay in the room, all day in your new costume and think … Uh! such a performer!

And you know how I notice your devotion to him.
The one who drives you nuts with his darn autism.
And the time you take to say, “not your turn, it’s mine.                                                              So that he can learn to play and not whine.

I’m so glad that you can participate in the
fun of Glow Night and recitals and other things done.
For Sabbath can require that you rest from these
things and focus our attention to our Bibles and Him.

But you take these in stride and you process them well.                                                        You eat vegetarian and walk on the treadmill.
You fold the clothes and pack the washer.
And only complain when I say faster faster.

So, Yes, you’re my girl, for all the above.
But more so than anything, because you are my love.

Author: Adventures in Medicine, Autism and So Much More

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