You Just Never Know …

Motivation is a fickle beast. One moment you’re swept up in a fiery energetic fuel that lights a path to great writing while the next moment you are water-douced and finding it a struggle to write a comment on a post.

Today’s motivation came during such wet times as I commented, arguably, to a post. The poster respectfilly stuck to her grounds and re-expressed her points convincingly. Then added as a side note the statements … Have you blogged recently? I love your blog. You were like my floatie during the begining years of my sons diagnosis. I share your blog with other autism moms. And then she did the most amazing thing …. wait for it … she quoted a sentence from an older blog post of mine.

I closed my mind and breathed for a moment thinking … did I just read all that? Did she just quote me?

To that I say … holy crap. Thank you @skinnyasis!

I write for myself, publicly but this platform of mine has touch lives and transcended beyond likes and comments on a post ( … of which I totally love … and want more ) to folks IRL via word of mouth.

I not only want the world to be aware of autism and what I go through. I want parents of those with autism to laugh at the crazies, smile at their success and persevere through the tough times

So Ding … Spark of the Day! Today’s blog was brought to you by the letters “Oh” and the fingers “Snap” and by contributions from readers like you. Thank you!

So what is your task today? Your task is to be that unexpected supporter to some you hardly know. Because …you just never know

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