It was the only word out of his mouth. BLAZE.

I know what it means. He knows that I know what it means. And he knows what is coming next … the prompt!

I want a full sentence and I don’t want to have to ignore or prompt him to get it. But there we were … in a battle of who goes first … So , I went.

“Full sentence please,” I said. To which he replied. “I want Blaze please” and then looked at me with his smiling, bright-eyed face, mouth ready to say “yea” after I say ‘yes’ but there it was … on my face … the smile that’s turned upside down … a frown.

2 years before – I read him the story “Blaze and the Monster Machine” off of my kindle. He was … eh … about it and I felt that the story was a little wordy for him at the time. It used sentences that played on words like “Gimme some speed” and “I’d like to hang out with my new friends.” He was certainly not at the level to understand that speed was not something that I would hand him or that hang was a slang.

But here we are, fast forwarded 2 years, having zoomed past lots of resistance to reading despite his abilities, here reading a bedtime story. It was not Blaze. It was “Pete the Cat: and the treasure map.” He allowed me to read it. He was even quiet and listening. Off Adderal for 2 weeks. But then the story ended and I closed my kindle app. No sooner than I did that, his head popped up from the pillow and he said “Blaze!”

I looked at him puzzled. I haven’t read Blaze in over 2 years. Even moreso, I’ve purchased him the truck and he doesn’t play with it. There’s is Blaze on TV but he’d rather watch Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood. Regardless, who am I to refuse a request to read a story. So, I re-opened the app, found ‘Mighty Monster Machine” and read him to sleep.

It is the next night, hence my frown. But as autism moms know, you play along. “Good asking Nolan. But a better sentence is … can you read me the story of Blaze, Please?”

“Yes” he said, as he parroted the sentence after me.

I sighed inwardly and wondered when this will get easier. When will he ever conversate and not parrot. And then immediately comforted myself with the victory of potty training and my mantra of “One day, this too shall pass.”

We won that night! Because he verbalized a new sentence.

And I responded with “I will read it to you as a bedtime story. Are you ready to go to bed?” Surprisingly, he placed his cute little 6 year old hand into mine and tugged me all the way to his room where he again fell asleep to “Gimme some speed.”

Author: Adventures in Medicine, Autism and So Much More

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One thought on “BLAZE!”

  1. Dear Doctor Ann,
    I followed your link on Connect to find your blog. I am always glad to know another parent walking a similar journey. Thank you!

    I understand your joys and frustration associated with your son’s autism. I’m there, too, just further along.

    I follow you on Connect. My name is karenb1123 if you want to see pics of my son. Blessings to you.


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