Killing Me Softly

It’s amazing how often we hear the word, Wellness, in our current era. #Wellness. It’s cool. It’s trendy. Remind me to go buy my KALE sweat shirt because seriously, I’m trying. I am all about this new push on society to be well because well, we are not well.

I’m only forty..ech..ehm..something but I still recall when wellness was expected. It was forced on us by our mom figure and desert was not before dinner. It was a broccoli eaten with resentment. And a long walk home from school. Wellness was not covered by insurance payers and you were certainly not rewarded for choosing to go for a walk. Fat-shaming was in and Wellness, well, it was not a thing.

Personally, I think that this frameshift in how we present wellness is smart! Brilliant even. We all know the old cliché … If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Rewarding Wellness is doing just that. Who doesn’t love gratification? And since human nature is prone to the path of destruction, a little encouraging nudge to nibble on nature’s goodness may be where it’s at. After all, if you give me options like Study or Play? Apple or chocolate? Coffee or water? without an incentive, I will be energized for my all day play at Hershey park. Gone are the days of discipline and self-control. It was a hard lost fight and we, the fat, need more than a healthy LDL goal to propel us to maintaining wellness.

Seriously. every convenience is at hand. What’s a person to do? And don’t tell me about how healthy our forefathers were. My forefathers ate fruit because that was the path of least resistance! So yes. They were lazy too. Need I remind you that they preferred to ride on top of a mule. I too recall when it was easier to grab a fruit, off a tree, than to husk a coconut, grate it, make sugar and bake it all together so that I could have a sweet treat. That was why I ate fruit then too. But now, I eat fruit because I’m rewarded. Hey!

But whether we like it or not, convenience is here to stay. And I’m sure that somewhere, someone is coming up with a way for me to get to the fridge without standing. So smart is how we must now think. How can I pull off being well? Because, as you know, to be well these days requires planning and scheduling and tracking and staying on top of things. I will need a personal assistant so that I can remain well each day. A wrench in my day plans never leads to a 10 mile walk home. No. It leads to missing the gym class and picking up pizza because I have no time left to make dinner before that PTA meeting at 6pm.

It’s all killing me softly.

But what I love about life, is that to every problem, there is a solution. Death happens to be one of them which brings me right back to this wellness thing. I’m not ready for the ultimate solution and discipline is low in supply so what’s left? Ah… yes, the mythical, mesmerizing carrot stick. In my case, the dangling hope of losing 50 pounds.

So, I went and found a game changer? It’s Weight Watchers! (They should pay me for saying that. I’m so doing this all wrong). But despite being a medical doctor and telling everyone to eat right and exercise, I too am (present tense) prey to the pull of pizza. I too need a rewarding way to budget my time and energies. Life depreciates us. It just does. You try and win and repeat and win and who cares? Not even you sometimes. Then one day, someone gave you a bravo sticker and you’re like … Wow! … that felt good. Suddenly, you want another friggin sticker! And everything is well with the world again. Next thing, you’re driving past the bakery to the farmer’s market. And you want to take an extra 5 mins of your day to track your breakfast on an app that is programmed to say “Good Job.” Wow! Again!

So, half the battle is already won. I’ve acknowledged that convenience is killing me. Now onto the next half … Rewarding Wellness!
Oh, for me? A little icon on my app for my 25lb weight loss? Shucks. (Insert bashful smile).

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One thought on “Killing Me Softly”

  1. 😇. I’m glad to see this.

    I’m sure you got “ Gold Stars” in elementary school! Remember those stars?!

    🤩. Keep up the good work!


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