Do You Wanna Marry Juanna?

Juanna is a popular girl? You sure you wanna marry her?

Breath-taking as she is, she will leave you dry and high. And though it’s true that she’s no digger, moolah goes up in smokes around her.

She tells pretty little lies like “you’re hungry” and “you smell nice.” 

But to your doctor, you’ll come a runin’.  Outta breath and barely breathn’. ‘Cause you thought that I was foolin’ when I said “Don’t Marry Juana”

Right now, she’s with a politician. Soon there’ll be some dirt-a-dish’n. But they’ll say they were researchin’ for a bill they’ll soon be passin’.

She promised you a nice death bed as a perk to get you all wed ’cause you’re in pain and enough said.

But she cheats with thoroughbreds. Strong and healthy lives instead. Making waste of minds in head. Not just those who hurt in bed.

That wed license shouldn’t be legal. She’ll fly away with your cerebral. Empty lives that should have been full must now see a doc to get an air-full.

What do you think of little Ms. Juanna? Should we keep her or make her a goner!

By: Dr Anthonette Desire.

All rights reserved. Previously blogged on on Saturday, April 19, 2014  Stock photo from