When Life Is Overwhelming

We all pride ourselves on being busy. We have a calendar of things to do. It imparts importance. You’ve got places to be and days to seize. You have arrived! And your status in life is clearly evident by your hasty, hourly, hoping from one happening spot to another.

But what do you do when life, repetitively, places you in 2 places at once? How do you, repetitively, chose to perform one priority task over another? What are your actual decisions when faced, daily, with conflicting social, personal and career responsibilities?

Enduring an overwhelming situation, temporarily, is par for the course but when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel and decision-fatigue sets in, where do you turn?

The short answer is … you fall to your knees in prayer.

Your path is already known. And God has already made a way.

Simply put …this is only a test.

(Spoiler Alert … your heavenly father determines your score. And he has already said that if you just take the test, you will pass. It’s all in the bag. It’s fixed! No jail time. )

So this is a test. This is only a test of your Emergency Faith in Operations Needs. And you need more faith. But, not to worry, it’s free. It’s handed out every time that you pray. It just … falls from the sky.

Had this been a true emergency, you would have only seen one foot print in the sand. http://www.footprints-inthe-sand.com/index.php?page=Poem/Poem.php

For now, you have to walk. After all, it’s still a test.

It’s your open-book test. It’s your use every resource around you test. It’s your ask the Lord for all the answers test. It’s your call a life-line test. It’s your YOU-WILL-NOT-FAIL test.

So come boldly before the thrown of grace and ask for the answers. Hebrew 4:16 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Hebrews+4%3A16&version=NKJV

Because life becoming overwhelming … is only a test.


Author: Adventures in Medicine, Autism and So Much More

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