The Needle Is Out!

You sat there and you wondered if the needle was still in. After all, it was a needle that punctured your vein. And the evidence is left strapped to your arm.

But little do you know of the magics of medicine delivered daily. The slight-of-hand tricks-of-the-trade that we pull off on a regular bases.

Because, shazam! The needle IS out. Did you see it?

But what is in? What is that residual poking feeling that remains? It’s not all in your head. It’s right there. You can feel it.

And something IS there. It is called a catheter. A fancy term for a straw. And it is left behind after the needle is retracted. Yes! Retracted. Pulled out. Gone. Removed. Usually manually but often with a spring-action, click-of-a-button, snap-back into a safety cover.

But why is the catheter there? Well, that’s there because we, your doctors, would like direct access to your blood stream. Yes. Full, unfettered, direct access right to your heart! Or Lung, or toe or belly button. You get it. For the administration of treatment.

So next time you swear that there is still something poking you. It’s not in your brain. It’s in your vein. It’s a venous catheter.

Author: Adventures in Medicine, Autism and So Much More

Internist | Motivational Speaker | Blogger | Light-Heartedly Addressing Heavy Topics | My Ideas | Lively Family #autismmom #Harvardwriters #SoMeDocs

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